Oprah and Hollywood see the importance personal safety. Learn how you can best prepare yourself to feel empowered and make safe decisions.

Learn how to listen to your intuition and when you must trust your gut!

Although you may learn some moves in your kickboxing class that resemble self-defense moves (punches, elbow strikes knee strikes, kicks) understand that the INTENT is different. Our goal in a kickboxing class is to get fit in the safest ways possible. This is primarily an aerobic activity that should be able to last 45-60 minutes. In self-defense, the goal is inflict quick injury, break free from an attacker, or create a di...

If you suspect that you’re being followed while driving these tips will give you a few options. 1. Drive to a police station 2. Drive an indirect and roundabout route through public places 3. Either make a phone call to 911(if you’re sure you’re in danger AND you know where you are) or ACT like you’re on the phone and make eye contact with the follower *All tips are dependent upon the actual situation. There are no guarantees...

Negative self- talk and self-sabotaging behavior are abusive. We must watch our language. Thoughts become things. Would we allow someone else to speak to us the way we sometimes speak to ourselves? Part of personal safety is self- love.

Letting your drink out of your site could pose an opportunity for a predator To drop a drug in your drink, leaving you helpless and vulnerable to attack. Keeping that glass in front of you, even keeping your hand on it will prevent this from happening. If you EVER suspect that someone may have tampered with your drink, do not drink it. Do not allow someone who offers to buy you a drink do so out of your sight or take a dri...

All living beings are equipped with intuition, recognizing danger or when something isn’t quite right. Only humans second guess this “gift” and at times talk themselves out of what they are feeling or sensing. This is dangerous. Tap into your gift. Use it in dating, business and to be aware of a potential threat. It might just save your life.

Watch this 1 minute tip to learn exactly what environmental awareness means and how to apply to your daily living.

Watch this video to learn the best times to check your phone without compromising your safety.

Watch this 1 minute tip on how to appear less like a target to attackers.

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