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Working with Debbie was truly amazing. She is real, no fuss and didn’t let me off the hook. She gave me the judgment free “kick in the pants” that I personally needed to look at myself in a deeper way. I HIGHLY recommend that anyone who has a strong desire to become more, but is currently stuck in the day to day of their life, seriously consider coaching  with Debbie!

Denise P

Debbie helped me through a really difficult time with the boss and some coworkers at a job a few years ago. She left me feeling empowered and able to really address the situation in a way that allowed me to build relationships and set boundaries

Hope B

THANK YOU for everything. The work that you do creates little ripples that affect more than you realize, my friend. Keep doing what you do!

Lydia H

So many blind spots surfaced and are in the rear view mirror.  The greatest gift to me is your commitment to me shifting my mindset on the power of kicking self-sabotaging language to the curb.

Lynn M


Thank you, Debbie - this was a wonderful break from negative self-talk :-)

Really insightful session, thank you Debbie. I love the mindset of turning the inner critic into a cheerleader!

My goodness - this past year was the year of second-guessing every decision - I'm very grateful to (name of sponsoring presenter) and the BRGs for holding these sessions to help us redirect our minds 

Helpful and timely, as I thought I needed to quit my job this morning due to my inabilities! 

I’m relieved to learn I’m not the only one who felt this way


Phenomenal presentation! Thank you for sharing!


I was late, so I apologize for missing the beginning, but this was great and I appreciate your insights and thought-provoking conversation


Phenomenal!!! Thank you!


What a great presentation! Many thanks to  Debbie Pickus for packing so many important (and applicable) self-health reminders into one hour. I have been focusing on the good stuff (like what I'm a badass at, and what I DO want to have happen...). Maybe "positive and grateful" 24/7 isn't realistic, but working toward recognizing and then turning around the inner conversations certainly is.


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