Meet the Team

Debbie Pickus

Founder and Chief Empowerment Officer

Debbie Pickus is the founder and CEO of Team Fireball Inc; a WBEC corporation. Her Fitness background led her to create the company which was originally built as a fitness focused Team Building company with a goal of creating fun events that improved 

the health and wellness of employees. It rapidly became much more. With the increase of workplace violence, Personal Safety training became the cornerstone of the business and clients began to notice that by taking strides to empower their employees with basic mental and physical self-defense training principles, employees were more productive, engaged and had greater job satisfaction.


Her company’s social conscience mission is to empower survivors of domestic violence through fitness and safety training focused on changing the mindset, self-esteem and belief systems of those who feel trapped by their circumstances.  They accomplish this by teaching their programs within many different DV shelters within the city, and partnering with Corporations who focus on women’s empowerment and similar causes.


Debbie speaks professionally to groups about staying strong, powerful and confident in business and in life.  With 20+ years in fitness and a black belt in Shotokan karate Debbie brings a unique perspective on the mind/body connection and how to use it as a power source. She’s a contributor in 3 books about women’s empowerment, fitness and mindset and is the mother of three adult children.  She lives with her fiancé Bill, her partner in Team Fireball.


 Bill Garcia 

Operations & Finance  

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Bill’s corporate career began in the broom closet of a corporate headquarters. For over 30 years he has held various positions of responsibility in startups, government, academia and Fortune 500 companies. 


A member of National and Chicago SHRM, he had the honor of serving as co -lead in the bookstore at the 2018 National SHRM conference. He is the visionary behind 'When Terminations Go Wrong' workplace violence training curriculum.