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5 Ways Fitness Can Tone Up Your Employee Satisfaction

A happy employee is a more productive employee and a valuable asset to your company's bottom line. In a healthy and happy work environment, there is good communication, trust, good morale, productivity, team work. The correlation between health and fitness in the workplace comes into play here. As we know, working out changes the mindset in a very positive way, creating endorphins, and stimulating ideas. Team building with a fitness component leads to stronger teams by breaking down communication barriers and creating partnerships.

5 Ways Fitness Can Tone Up Employee Satisfaction

  1. Create healthy competition: An office fitness challenge that encourages each person to reach a goal in a certain amount of time is fun and motivating. A competition to complete a certain amount of steps each day, or do a certain amount of fitness classes each week is a great way to get employees moving and can involve every fitness level.

  2. Create team effort: Team building activities fortify the relationships that are working and strengthen or help to repair ones that aren't. Doing a fitness based team building program can go a long way to building a powerful and cohesive group both physically and mentally. Plus it gets everyone out of the office and is fun.

  3. Increase Problem solving skills: Working out creates all sorts of endorphins and other hormones and gets the synapses firing. Some of my best ideas come when I am out on a run or doing some other form of movement. People who exercised during their workday were 23 percent more productive on those days than they were when they didn't exercise, says a recent study from the International Journal of Workplace Health Management.

  4. Energy and productivity go hand in hand: Being fit helps us handle mental as well as physical challenges. As a leader when you have more energy, you are more likely to face the challenges of the day aggressively and confidently.'

  5. Promote healthy living: As mentioned in all the cases above, a healthy body leads to a healthier mind which leads to less stress, and the quick thinking ability needed in the workplace and in relationships

Clearly we can see that workplace wellness programs can improve relationships, stave off absenteeism, create happier employees who are therefore more productive and keep your company ahead of the healthcare price increase curve to name a few things

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