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Oprah and The #MeToo Movement

Unless you’ve been under a rock recently and haven’t been on social media, you’ve likely seen some of the posts and hashtags on facebook saying Oprah for President!

#OPRAH2020 #OPRAHFORPRESIDENT which was Prompted by her incredible and rousing Cecille B Demille award recipient acceptance speech at the 2018 Golden Globes.

Golden Globes 2018 Theme: Women’s Empowerment

In fact, the theme in general of this event focused on women’s rights and solidarity. With all the sexual harassment attention in the entertainment industry lately, the women all wore black to show their support of the #metoo movement as well as the latest campaign... #timesup.

I love that Hollywood took a stand and is speaking up, saying no more: That they’re fighting back to the injustices in the industry and using their famous platform to create awareness.

Oprah brought up the fact that there are a lot of faceless, nameless victims of abuse who have endured this type of behavior for years. They have children to feed and bills to pay and so they remain silent, or maybe they just don’t know how to fight back?

The #metoo movement in the last few months has shed light on many people I know who were brave enough to share stories about their own experiences with abuse, rape, harassment and the like.

Personal Safety and Harassment Preparation

While teaching our personal safety training programs, the primary focus is on Awareness. If you’re not aware, you really cannot be prepared to defend yourself.

Because celebrities have now opened the door to these horrific acts going on in Hollywood industry, they’ve created the awareness that this has been and still is occurring. As a result, more and more women/(and men) are now coming forward and finding the courage to stand up.

In a Red Carpet interview about the #metoo campaign, Sarah Jessica Parker said “no one should have to feel marginalized at work.”

We agree!

Oprah said “what she knows for sure is speaking our truth is the most powerful tool we all have”

What can you do if you’re finding yourself in a difficult or uncomfortable situation in or out of the workplace?

Stand tall and with confidence, draw the line about what behaviors and treatments are acceptable to you. Self-defense training isn’t always about punching or blocking. It’s having the confidence and power to, in no uncertain terms, demand the treatment that you will accept.

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