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Bars can be a fun place to hang out and meet new people. They are also an excellent source for those that like to prey on women. Although most of us believe we are aware or don’t need to fear being in a crowded location like that, there are some situations in which a few safety tips are warranted. Examples: being left there by friends, not having your own transportation, the inability to drive yourself, or the basic “drunk guy” who refuses to leave you alone to name a few.

Here are 5 tips to staying safe when enjoying the bar experience

  1. Always know where your drink is. I know this seems obvious but a “tag team” approach similar to the way a pick pocket works could have one person distract you while the other puts a “ruffie” in your drink.

  2. As in all self defense situations, looking and behaving as if you’re confident matters. If you look timid, afraid, nervous because your friends aren’t there yet or you’re uncomfortable being alone, you attract predators. Act like you own the place, even if you don’t feel that way. Presence is everything.

  3. If a drunk guy won’t leave you alone, look him directly in the eye and tell him to “knock it off”. Do not go anywhere with him or leave the bar alone if someone is stalking or bothering you. Tell the bartender or security what is happening and see if they’ll walk you to your car or wait until you get in a cab or uber.

  4. Taking some self defense courses is always beneficial. We offer many different programs as do many organizations. Awareness across the board is key. Having a few moves in your back pocket in case it becomes physical is even better.

  5. Purchase some kind of self defense item and have it on you always. We like Guardllama which has GPS technology to alert the police where you are in case someone tries to take you somewhere and you cannot make a call. Other programs call your friends… this is an extra step that is not going to benefit you. The faster authorities know where you are, the better.

Summer time is fun time and being in bars and having some drinks can be part of it. Understanding the environment around you and staying level headed is key. Having a designated driver or a friend who stays relatively sober is important. Never leave a bar and go elsewhere with someone unless you have some sort of control, as in, your own transportation (this can be uber, or cab if you’ve been drinking). Have a back up plan if your friends leave without you. Do not leave the bar alone and walk in unfamiliar streets or alleys. Stay where there are lots of people until you can safely navigate your surroundings.

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