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BreakThroughs -Board Breaking/Mindset Shifting Workshop
Team Building Events

Ever feel stuck and not even know what’s holding you back? With the right tools, techniques and team mates, any barrier can be broken.

This board breaking, no bull taking, adrenaline boosting, barrier busting, mindset shifting, energy making, obstacle shattering event will leave your team fired up, motivated and ready to conquer the world.

Team Building Events

When Terminations go Wrong


Designed for the HR world, it addresses employee safety before, during and after a possible hostile termination.


Featured Co-Session at Illinois SHRM conference in September 2018

Employee Flight or Fight Self Defense Workshop
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“Flight or Fight” The Basics – (90-120 minutes)


Participants will learn basic awareness concepts, how to move their body away from danger, plus 3-5 physical self-defense skills to keep themselves safe in the event of violence in or out of the workplace.

Continuing programs available.

-Instills physical and mental confidence.  Designed for all levels of fitness and abilities. Ages 17+

Team Building

Our team building programs are designed to relieve stress, have fun, get active, learn and become empowered in unique and different ways.  Meant to depart from the typical scavenger hunt, ropes course or trustfalls, we will have your people laughing and of course, bonding.  Some options include, fitness boxing, boot-camps, yoga or Salsa Dancing lessons. All activities are designed to include all fitness levels so that each person can participate and enjoy!

Team Building Events
Team Building Events
Team Building Events
Team Building Events
Team Building Events
FireBall fitCrawls

We combine several fitness activities of your choosing to create a healthy twist on a pub crawl with a bus. This creates a fun bonding opportunity for your business team or clients to experience. OurFireball fitCrawl allows you to get a “taste” of several different fitness or learning experiences within the same program.


Food, social media and other entertainment options available upon request

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